Scurrilous, Scandal-Mongering, Scoundrel

Scurrilous, Scandal- Mongering, Scoundrel – 18th century words that made it back into political talk during the last election of the Mayor of London.  Somehow these words worked and the attempts to make Sadiq Khan look like a threat to our democracy failed. With the campaign up to Brexit, any attempt at rhetoric was thrown to the wind and much of what was said by both sides was designed to terrify us into decision making.   While we’ve known all along that all words that come from politicians have a political purpose what’s happening now is more sinister as Mark Thompson writes below:
“What happens when political language fails?  When the rage and incomprehension boil over, and we run out of a common vocabulary and sufficient trust in each other’s words to be able to sit down and work through what unites and divides us?”
Clearly with the onset of the internet and the views that are expressed, we are in a place where our respect for politicians has hit a low.  It’s as if we feel we’ve been left out and we are just subject to decisions made, uninformed of the bigger picture. No wonder the real scare-mongers are being listened to. There are still some great politicians out there,  if and when they are allowed to speak – we need to listen to them and their rhetoric.

William Pitt the Younger 1759-1806
William Pitt the Younger

Siri needs help with pronouncing your Name

This fantastic piece of software – Siri, is a virtual assistant with a voice-controlled natural language interface that uses sequential inference and contextual awareness to help perform personal tasks for iOS users.
There are just a couple of drawbacks.  The almost constant requests to update iOS can sometimes stop you from using your phone to make simple calls, send mail and texts.  The other is that Siri does not always get the pronounciation right with names.  This is not a problem for me – I like it when my surname is pronounced in 2 syllables as Parkez instead of the one syllable Parkes.  Others are not so keen.  Barbara Striesand had to point out to the H/O Apple that her surname is pronounced “Streisand with a soft ‘s’ like sand.  Tim Cook has agreed to change the pronunciation on the next update.

Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand