Improve Your Voice by 90%

Learning how to synchronise your voice and speech

Sandra Aamodt - Neuroscientist
Sandra Aamodt – Neuroscientist

with your thought processes. Exercises to release your voice. Exercises to enhance the way you speak. Learning how your voice naturally adjusts along with your breath, to different spaces and situations.  Learning how to get people listen to you more attentively. Getting the voice you want to have and using your voice.  Learning how to be persuasive without falling into emotional traps

Quotes from previous participants

“I have gained so much confidence in both my work and social life that the course with the follow up coaching I’ve received, has been one of the best investments I could have made”.  Brian Payne
“Clear, informative & very useful.  Well paced, not too rushed, in a supportive manner.  Printed sheets and downloads – very good to have something to take away so the work we have done is not forgotten.  Great stuff!”
 “This was an excellent workshop.  In a relaxing and supportive atmosphere.  I feel stimulated and encouraged to work to develop the range of my vocal expression.  It’s the beginning of a new dimension, expanding my awareness and finding my voice.”  V. R. LexisNexis;
“I enjoyed it very much and will take away a lot for my future.”
Michael Pascal;
“Thank you so much for the Improve your voice by 90% workshop yesterday. It was wonderful to be in a safe space to relax and release in order to free up the voice. to learn about the resonators and how powerfully they effects  the emotions.
Zara Swanton;
Now I notice how how the back and the bottom my ribcage expands when I am inhaling. I jokingly refer to this sensation as flapping my angel wings :-)

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