Does Alcohol Help When Speaking in Public?

‘Tis the season to be jolly and in good spirits.  There are those who like to drink socially because it relaxes them – especially when on a first date or some other situation that can make you anxious.  However, most of us know that to drink “nervously” (a lot downed very quickly) can make social situations worse.  Like a  firework rocket – you’re fantastic …. for a short time before you’re played out.  The same applies to Public Speaking.  Quite a few speakers I know in the UK will sip half a glass wine and water to calm their nerves beforehand, but in the USA this is a no, no.  Giles Brandreth, who, back in the day, I booked to talk at a dinner at the Dorchester, never touches a drop of alcohol before he speaks – and he’s a great entertainer.  No matter how drunk your audience may be, they won’t appreciate your being drunk – especially if they’ve paid to hear you speak.  Best Men and Women at Weddings may think they’re funnier when they’re drunk, but in reality (and don’t we all know it) they can be tedious beyond boring.  So the rule is less alcohol is best before speaking in public and if you’re not sure – nothing at all.  Go through your Max Your Voice check list before speaking – and the words will flow anyway.   Click on the photo below and find out which country you are from – booze wise.
Drunk Woman


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