martha marcy may marlene


A really scary movie with more hooks than M&S.  Beautifully shot and edited.  Once you make the jump into the flashbacks of the main character played by Elizabeth Olsen, you’re hooked in and always on edge wondering what is going to happen next!

It feeds on the Manson cult terror story and the preying of manic controllers on young people. The ending received a groan from the audience – I’m hoping it’s the beginning of the next film.

Elizabeth Olsen is stunningly good as Martha – it’s hard to believe that this is her debut film.  Her sister’s Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen are rightly very proud.  They are both so talented in their own right, but it seems that they’ve had so many people dependant on them throughout their lives, that their work, up until now, has done them few favours artistically.  I hope that we’ll see some really great work from them too, soon – on the production and acting front.

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