Speaking of Influence

There’s a lot said and written about how to influence people. If influence is not to be confused with control or “speaking your mind”, which implies aggression, then perhaps the best way to influence people is to choose to say what you think and mean, follow through with actions and stick around long enough for people to know you mean it.
Saying what you think is when the energy of the thought is transferred with your meaning  into words.  At the theatre and in film, the actors breathe life into what the writer thinks, means and says.  Murakami gives us an example of the transcending power of story-telling in his book IQ84:
“Fuki –Eri’s normal style of speaking was extremely flat, lacking almost all accent and intonation, but when she launched into her tale, her voice became startlingly strong, rich and colourful, as if something had taken possession of her”.
How enjoyable it is to be really listened to ….and how necessary when you have something that needs to be said and you wish to influence people with your voice and words.  Think about it:
“Thought into Breath into Voice into Word.”  This shortened version of an explanation of the speech process, is part of the Max Your Voice coaching in voice and speech.  Helping you to get your meaning across.
Max Your Voice – helping people to become better communicators.

Haruki Murakami


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