The Financial Times’ Videos

For some time now I’ve preferred going on to the Financial Times page to look at the videos, rather than to listen or to watch the regular news channels.   Not only is the journalism understandable, succinct  and really interesting, the speech of the journalists is clear and easily understood.  The voices of the journalists are also varied.   James Mackintosh gave a brilliant presentation on the LTRO effect today, however he hasn’t rid himself of the lip pursing “kiss” verbal punctuation yet.  He doesn’t do it when he’s had more time to prepare.  This happens when people are clear in their head about points they need to cover and it signifies a kind of verbal tick when they’ve covered the point.

John Auther delivers a very good presentation on “Euro – Speaking the Unthinkable”.  He has a great vocal profile and only occasionally hits words rather than accentuating them.  My favourite speaker today is Andrew Parker on “Asian Airlines Boost Aviation”.


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