Women and Leadership

Courses for InterpretersI was talking to a female friend last night – an engineer in aeronautics, about the changing face of the female leader in industry. Up until a few years ago many female leaders rose to their positions at the top, fuelled by the energy of the dispossessed. Having to work that much harder than their male peers was the normal way for a woman to get to the top in industry. Government legislation and the success of #female leaders changed that. Now though, with the setbacks in the economies of the west and the quicksand markets, women are once more struggling to maintain their positions on the #Corporate Industry ladder. Indeed many are struggling to get on the ladder at all. Old perceptions of the female in the work place are rising again. It’s timely therefore that Oxford Brookes University is hosting a conference on #Women and Leadership on September 13th and 14th.


The conference is aimed at informing women of leadership opportunities and how they can achieve them. Women in Denmark, Germany and France are much more well informed on work related issues than women in the UK. Perhaps it’s because work related issues are deemed a little too dry and “blue stocking” for the majority of females. It’s a fallacy – I had more gossip with a female client who was a boss with one of the blue chips than with my hairdresser.

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