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Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
Since we started the business in 2002, we have held a confidentiality agreement with all our clients and students.  We have kept all clients names and details confidential.   Any information that you have given to us has either been used for keeping notes of your progress or for notifying you of courses or events or news of Max Your Voice that may be of interest to you.  Your information has NEVER and never would be shared without your prior approval.  Our Privacy Policy can also be seen on the Welcome page.

If you have any questions regarding our policy or coaching please contact us at admin@maxyourvoice.com

One to One Coaching by Appointment Only
Free consultations on Saturdays
Free appointments for previous clients on Saturdays

Workshops on The Resonant Voice – how your voice connects to your emotions and gets remembered

In House Workshops on The Best Warm-Ups For Improving Your Voice and Speech
How to incorporate Voice Warm-Ups into your Yoga and Pilates

 Improve Your Voice by 90%

For voice knowledge and development

Laban and Voice

(for use in developing Character Voice and Movement – Actors only)

An intake of breath, a slightly raised eyebrow is voice and movement working together.   Learn a lot and have a great day of fun and laughter from the biggest gestures and exclamations to the smallest squeaks and tiny finger movements.

Voice and Laban workshops, being run by Theatre Practitioners Mitch Mitchelson and Frances Parkes. The workshops are held in a relaxed and supportive environment. It is an exciting experience to learn the way Laban and Grotowski voice exercises free up the actor and in the long term improve performance.

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Speak English Clearly 2019
Online evening course
Please submit your contact details below to be notified of our next online 2019 course
You can download the Speak English Clearly audio.  Get a free taster by contacting us at Max Your Voice.
Training for people who want to teach the Speak English Clearly Programme.
For further details please:

” This is a brilliant class, I can now identify the differences between the previous way I spoke and the way I speak now. I feel more confident to talk, do presentations and discuss anything with anyone – especially business people.”   Mandarin first language

“The course is very informative, well presented and is a good base for anyone who’s interested in speaking English clearly.  I would recommend it to others in a similar position.”  Shona first language

The course has been used for learners with over 27 different first languages between them.

Encouraging better communication

“Fantastic course, really enjoyed myself.  Will practice at putting together all the sounds with other members of the group before my Skype session.”  Russian first language

Voice and Presentation                                                                       

Communication in Leadership and Management



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