A Start-Up Opportunity For Voiceovers


A unique opportunity for voiceovers, to get in at the beginning of this start-up to supply English voices to European countries where the demand is high. Post Production Engineer Janis Balodis of JB Audio Post Production has partnered up with a fellow Audio Post Production engineer based in Latvia to form a start-up supplying English Voices to European countries. Frances Parkes is the voice-coach/advisor on the start-up.

Every effort is being made to ensure that there are quality voiceovers on the site that will get work.  Equity have been consulted. No fees will be taken and VOs will be paid the rate stated along with their reel and contact details. This is very exciting for everyone involved and the aim is to provide you with an extra stream of work. We are once again in lockdown but this doesn’t affect the launch of the VO business which will go active later in 2021.

For those who need coaching in voice-over this is available for £399 + £50 if you opt in to have a professional headshot. You will get coaching and preparation sessions on Zoom, researched material for your recording, plus coaching on the day of the recording. The database for the start-up requires you to record each of the following:

Session *1. Working on your effortless vocal energy, Hearing your natural voice, Opening up and playing with your voice, Getting to Know Your Microphone voice, Using your breath in different ways, Diction warm-ups, Guidance for your research, Specific exercises that will help your voice and/or speech. You get the session one pages, with the exercises, including the exercises specifically for you and you put in the research and practice before your next session.
My Work *2: I find the audiobook (including fairytale/fantasy), the commercial and the Explainer which best suit your voice personality. You may have material that inspires you and that you want to use. You can record your own promotional material or book – if it works with your voice, you can use it. Once you have your material, you practice.
Session *3. Practicing with your material and exercises that will help your voice and speech specifically with the text. You’ll go through all the pointers that are needed for you to really deliver. Who you are talking to? How can you highlight the product and/or action? For this start-up Voiceovers’ database, the Explainer is the most important as this is why the majority of voiceovers will be hired.
Session *4 At the Studio: JB Audio Post Production, The Nest, London, E1W 1NA. Warm-Up, practice, recording, editing, uploading and registering your information, picture and voice reels.

To Apply, Use the link below, fill in the application form and send it to:
Janis Balodis: janis@jbaudiopostproduction.co.uk https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17fq2eqaWZ9YZ3A0I8y9oqz106hBFfKecki8ARhh4DHo/edit

Covid Policy at the Nest. The new aircon system removes the old air from the entire space in 15 minutes and replaces it with fresh air. This, along with the one-way system, hygiene stations and risk assessment surpasses the Government ‘Covid-safe’ guidelines for the new normal.

For Voice-Over Artists already established in the Industry Who Have Their Own Recording Studio, who aren’t signed exclusively to an agent, this is an opportunity to register your voice. Please go to the link below, fill out the form and submit it together with your recordings and picture to Janis Balodis: janis@jbaudiopostproduction.co.uk