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Frances Parkes

Frances Parkes Associates – Max Your Voice was formed in 2002 to enable people to have training in voice and speech as part of their personal and professional development. Voice and speech training is now a recognised skill for professional and personal development.

Since we began, we’ve trained many hundreds of people from all walks of life.   Our training in vocal communication has helped people achieve awards in lecturing, land key positions here and abroad, be accepted as consultants in hospitals, be accepted as interpreters in the EU parliament.
English pronunciation is part of our training.   Our highly successful ‘Speak English Clearly’ course covers this.  Interview Skills training is also an important part of our work – this and Voice and Presentation are key in the present economic climate.  The Voice and Communication Management course is for those who’s leadership skills are there but need to be nurtured.
All our Associates are professionally trained and highly experienced and give media voice and speech training for company or public representatives.
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Elocution is often asked for.  There are differences in perception of the word elocution. Up until twenty years ago elocution training was given to actors or to people who wished to higher their ‘class’ and/or their work status through a certain kind of English pronunciation style. Fortunately times have changed along with that particular Standard English accent. We now coach actors in this accent whenMYV graduate they have to play the part of a character who is from that period and class. Nowadays, PAs, MDs, CEOs, politicians and the titled are no longer judged by their accent but by their abilities. Modern standard English pronunciation has moved on and simplified with the input of the young in our global world forum.

This brings us to the present day and the real meaning of elocution which is: ‘complete fusion of thought or feeling with verbal expression’. This is behind all our voice and speech training. The ‘Speak English Clearly’ course enables people who have found difficulty in being heard and understood, to express their thoughts and feelings with clarity.

The ‘Speak English Clearly’ course for English pronunciation has been developed over five years and we have trained countless people who have gone on to speak English with clarity and confidence.
The ‘Speak English Clearly’ box set is on sale through our courses page above.  You can also download the whole course or individual tracks with the corresponding pages of the booklet. Since it went on sale we’ve had purchasers from overseas visiting London to attend our open ‘Speak English Clearly’ courses. It’s such a great pleasure to meet with and train people from all parts of the world. Our groups are small to maximise the effectiveness of the training. Each Associate who takes the ‘Speak English Clearly’ course has been trained by Frances in the programme.

This is only one aspect of our work. We have diverse requests and with our different areas of expertise, are able to match the trainer to the client/s.

Whatever the reason is for you wanting training in vocal communication, we will endeavour to help you. Our Associates see clients on a one to one basis and we also run courses and give training in-house.


Frances Parkes