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BBC World Service

William Hague

Gung-ho William Hague has caused the BBC World Service to axe five of its language services. He says that BBC programmes can be accessed online. Really?

A bit of a struggle to follow a programme when it’s not in your own language and even if your English is good, there’s no comparison to listening to some excellently researched and presented programme in your own language or dialect. The BBC World Service is known for the quality of its unbiased journalism.
We are a small country much smaller than France, why can’t we keep what we’re good at and known for? He’s sending out a poor us voice message to the rest of the world. The money that’s saved by axing the jobs related to the 5 language services will be as nothing to the money lost in this country’s future along with the 30 million listeners.

The reputation of the BBC world service has never been better. Mr Hague is from Yorkshire so what‘s happened to his Yorkshire nowse?

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