Being Interviewed and Giving Advice During Lockdown

Being Interviewed and Giving Advice During Lockdown

I’ve been offering advice on how to relax with your voice during lockdown, with groups online.  It’s a different experience when you see people on screen as in Zoom and Meeting Room to when you can only see your interviewer as on Facebook stream live, GoToMeetings and Webinars.

If you are giving an interview or giving exercises and advice – it’s a good idea to use the following format.  It is the standard Lorraine format.  

Ask the host to alert you when everyone is in the room and the session will start.

Introduction chat with host who then asks you a pre- arranged question.

You reply together with an example or exercise.

The host then asks the viewers if they have any questions.

Answer questions

Depending on time, the host asks another pre-arranged question

You reply with another example or exercise

The host sums up or asks for more questions depending on time.

This way you’re aware of a structure and can be sure that the audience get their questions answered.
It may be that the host asks you questions already sent in and you can answer these and go into an example or exercise straightaway.  When there are no audience questions, your host has a few that can feed you into speaking about what’s happening in your field.

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