Being Shy at Party Time

For a lot of people the Christmas Party can be a nightmare.  A discomfort or even terror zone can result from being faced with a crowd of faces that you don’t know very well.  Frightened that you’ll attract attention for  being “shy”, you can either risk turning red and being tongue tied or even worse – gabble on about nothing – without pausing to think or listen.
Communication – whether talking too little or too much is a problem for shy people.
To be shy is to be afraid of people.  This doesn’t mean that a person is shy in all their encounters with people.  A person may be normally confident but shy with members of the opposite (or same) sex, in intimate situations.
A person may be a confident lecturer but extremely shy when giving a speech in public.
There are positive aspects of being shy too.  A shy person can find pleasure in solitude; they may be able to research and work in a more concentrated way without distractions.  Friendships tend to be longer lasting as friends are selected through a deeper level of trust.  Shy people may have more inner resources for survival. Pinterest has some good material on this.

Being shy has happened to most of us in our lives.  When it starts to impinge on the improvement in the quality of your life – either through being afraid of a job interview, an encounter with your boss, a presentation or a social encounter  – then it’s best to find help.  Max Your Voice may be able to help with your communication problem or we may be able to recommend someone who can.   Call or email for a free consultation.  +44(0) 20 85422777,

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