Can You Juggle Work With Beliefs?

Is it ever possible to withdraw from a work project because it’s not inline with your values and beliefs? The Advertising Standards Authority has taken action against Innocent drinks, Oatly and Aqua Pura so far this year, for not being able to substantiate their claims and Greenwashing.   Did the Actors and Voiceovers & Graphic Artists still get paid?  Certainly, the Actors and Voiceovers would be if they were covered by an Equity contract and the designers would be paid up front.
Actors need to work, and a big company name is always good for the money and can lead to more work.  Most companies with major product names are working hard to improve their productivity to comply with environmental issues but their main focus is on worldwide sales.  Is there ever going to be a time when an actor who isn’t a name with a good management agent to advise them, turns down work?  There are hundreds of examples of actors leaving small productions when they are offered parts in major productions, and these are mostly accepted in good heart with other actors taking their place.   Is there ever going to be a time when an actor will turn down work?  Some do, if it’s against their beliefs and values but this is hard to imagine for actors who are struggling.  Acting is a job and whatever that job is, actors will give their talent and skills but don’t expect them to give their minds and hearts.  A long time ago I coached a prospective UKIP Euro MP in interview skills. I asked them the question “Why do you want a position in a union that you feel so negative about, can offer no positive input and do not want the UK to be in? They took it in their stride and gave their appropriate answer. Spare a thought here for the interpreters and movement teachers whose regular source of income is Russia.