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Carole Latimer

Carole Latimer is a great photographer.   Even in this digital age when we can all take a good pic, Carole excels.  People, until now, have always been her preferred choice.  She takes photographs of actors.  There aren’t many of today’s top actors in England who haven’t been photographed by her.  Nearing the end of the “glamorous greats” era, she photographed many stars in their homes including  Katharine Hepburn in her home in New York towards the end of her life.
Her anecdotes of this time are jaw dropping, but unfortunately for us she is a lady who doesn’t publish any of her private or her client’s private experiences.  Carole is a great character and an elegant and sensitive artist.  She relishes the spoken word.  She grew up surrounded by actors, as her father was the matinee idol of his day, Hugh Latimer.  She speaks in ORP as the phonetic king John C Wells would put it:  old received pronunciation, a great sounding board for a voice coach, who needs to get dialects straight from the horse’s mouth and Carole along with her friend Lord Fellowes, are the real thing for ORP.
Carole has turned her expert eye to photographing flowers on water.  Last night was the private view and reception of her latest exhibition “Flowers Mirroring the Deep” at the 20th Century Theatre in Notting Hill.  Carole has photographed flowers in a way that makes them look as if they are creatures from the sea.  They are breathtakingly beautiful.  The result of three years work.  The Born Free foundation will receive 10% of the sales.  Find out more about “Flowers Mirroring the Deep” by clicking the link below.

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