Communication Professionals

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It’s been a huge source of job satisfaction for me when clients who’ve previously faced huge difficulties with communication, have reached out and into themselves turning it around and becoming Communication Professionals themselves.

To many, communications is what they rely on other people for.  They put all their enthusiasm and concentration into their work and want to be left in peace to get on with it.  They are fully aware of all that they need to know about the job from their contract and they get the gossip and the social side from others they work with.
Problems that I’ve seen clients face, arise from their inability to do their work in an efficient way because of out of date or problematic software or from the inability of a team member or manager to give them the data that they need to complete their work schedules. 
This happens across plus English and English English speakers.  Their frustration is huge and yet they are unwilling to express their needs and concerns because they are not in that ‘communication’ mold.  In some cases they are so bright that they are afraid that they will appear arrogant and therefore be sidelined.
I’ve found that their communication improves along with their learning vocal communication skills.
Once we establish that they are in touch with their own communication instinct and that is sound, we can move on to how best to get their requests heard and answered in a way which will enhance their communication skills with others.
In the cases when I’ve coached them on the interview to get the job it’s a reminder that reality is in doing the job.

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