Confidence in your Voice

With so many talented young people emerging from the arts and sciences, we need to have accessible support services in place to help them.  Throughout the early part of their working life, it’s important that people have the confidence to overcome what every talented person faces – criticism.  From others and from themselves.

“One needs very strong ears to hear oneself freely criticized; and since there are few who can stand it without being stung, those who venture to perform this service for us give us a remarkable proof of their friendship.” Montaigne

Friends and family may want to help but there isn’t enough time to really mentor others when most people are already preoccupied with either their own career path or keeping a balance within the family. It is crucial at an early stage in your career,  to have someone to turn to for help and advice, someone who you can talk with freely.  This is why a mentor; a truly good mentor can change your life for the good.  Many young people opt to conform to values that they don’t necessarily believe in because they are afraid to offend others and don’t have the confidence to speak up for themselves.   This shows in your voice and gives others a message that you’re insecure rather than secure in your belief of your own talent.  The Prince’s Trust, that helped me when I first started Max Your Voice, has joined forces with L’Oreal in a campaign to help build young people’s confidence.  Dame Helen Mirren is backing the campaign and has some great advice for young (and old) women:
“Be free be liberated, be what you want to be.  It’s to do with liberation, not sexiness, that’s in the past.”

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren

Ask yourself “What is it that I want?”

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