English is a Global Language

English is a global language although not everyone is sure why,
The German language is like an aspirin according to Diego Marani the writer and linguist who loves the absolute nature of the language – one word has full meaning and cannot be misinterpreted.
The Spanish and Italian languages have more expressive verbs –
but still – English remains the most used language.
Sometimes clients who come to me – rather than being sent – describe English as being mellifluous and descriptive like music – in contrast to their original language  which they view as being curt and without expression.  Is it the very nature of English and it’s openness to double sometimes many meanings that attracts people to it? Or is it the particular mask?
Each language can produce a look as Diego Marani says a “mask”.  He describes the mask as giving power to the speaker. As different muscles of the face and mouth are used in a different way for different languages – different languages produce different facial characteristics.  All dialect coaches know that when an actor starts to get into the zone of an accent, they take on different facial characteristics which grow with the acting part.
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