Welcome to Max Your Voice

Our courses offer more than excellent coaching in voice and speech.

At  Max Your Voice with F Parkes Associates, we are here to help you improve the whole of your ability to communicate and therefore improve your confidence on all levels, allowing you to develop and achieve your goals and ambitions.  Our courses are approved for CPD purposes.  Certificates are given with our courses.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
Since we started the business in 2002, we have had a confidentiality agreement with all our clients and students.  We have kept all clients names and details confidential.   Any information that you have given us has either been used for keeping notes of your progress or for notifying you of courses or events or news of Max Your Voice that would be of interest to you.  Your information has NEVER and never would be shared without your prior approval.

What some people have said about their experiences with their Max Your Voice coaching

“Right after our session I went to this book launch. OK, there was loud music in the background and the guy I was talking to was slightly tipsy, but still, for the first time in my life, someone English couldn’t tell that I was a foreigner :) I am hopeful again..”

“Thank you so much Frances Parkes for your personal coaching which has helped me attain my career job.”
Alex Tarr
“I have gained so much confidence in both my work and social life that the course has been one of the best investments I could have made.”  Brian Payne
We’ve  just finished  – we had to do it twice.  We turned our presentation into animated dialogue and people liked it.  Thank you very much for your great help.”  Hannah Hermes
“Excellent coach.  These 5 weeks will change your life.” Binod Baral, Restaurant Entrepreneur

Take a look at our courses to see which one is right for you.  If you’re unsure, we’ll give you a free consultation.  Click here

If you speak clearly, others listen – if they speak clearly, you listen.

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    1. Thank you we now do customised training online. Designers and animators are always welcome to contact us as we have more ideas and suggestions to put into practice for our courses.

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