One to One Coaching

Frances gives one to one coaching in voice and speech.  This includes dialect coaching, public speaking, accent neutralisation, elocution,  interview skills, presentations and all aspects of voice & speech.  Specialises in work with actors and interpreters.  An expert in the Grotowski vocal technique.

These take place at:

Frances Parkes
Frances Parkes

Suite 5
1 Harley Street

Helping you with vocal release and your overall presence and performance.

Helping you to achieve your desired result.   Using your voice in a dynamic way without any force, is a great asset.  If you want to be motivating – your voice will be there for you, if you want to be intimate – your voice is there for you.  Voice release is an essential part of  voice coaching.  It overcomes any barriers or feelings of doubt you may have had about your ability to  be authentic.  If you want more clarity in your spoken English, you will have the knowledge and confidence to say all the sounds of contemporary English.   You’ll continue to develop your ability to communicate fluently in English. Interview skill sessions are a huge benefit to those wishing to move forward in their careers.
It’s great to see people at 1 Harley Street.   Please make an appointment.   There’s no charge for an initial consultation.


For more information please contact Frances on:

+44 (0) 20 85422777

“Frances thank you – first time – after so much effort I’ve put in in the past – I feel I am gaining control of my speech and voice!”  A.L. Professor of Marine Law

“After dealing with written words for so many years, Frances reminded me of the power of verbal communication. She is a gifted instructor with an extraordinary ear and unusual patience. She is the one to help you if you wish to sign a peace treaty with your vocal cords!” E.Y. Writer and Presenter

“Highly experienced in voice presentation with the ability to develop voice beyond clients’ expectations. A joy to work with!” S.C. Couturier

“Voice and Speech coaching with Frances was one of the conditions of my employment.   Any nerves that I had were quickly dispelled.  The coaching I’m receiving is helping me to achieve my ambitions for the company and myself.”  E. M. Risk Management



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  1. I attended one of voice coaching courses Frances held at Harley Street. I felt the course was extremely useful and decided to have one to ones. At the start Frances and I set some goals, predominantly for job interviews. In just a short time, I feel that Frances has helped me achieve my goal of getting a new job and I would recommend her as a very talented and experienced voice coach. M.J Surveyor


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