How to eradicate habits that hinder our vocal effectiveness – and create habits that develop our vocal confidence

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Understanding  your voice.

The most common things that people do which weaken their voice are:

Breathe in too little or too much before speaking.
Use the same breathing to speak as they do to run, weight lift, dance.
Tighten or clench muscles so that the voice is weakened.
Allow too little time to prepare for what it is they want to say.
Listen to what’s going on in their head rather than listening to or considering the other person/people.

A couple of years back a client – Jenny Rigby let’s call her – was having problems with speaking to people outside of her family and close friends – and even this gave her discomfort.  “My voice doesn’t sound like me.” she said, “How can I change it?”  The way we started was by working on what Jenny liked most about her voice.  She said she liked it most when she was speaking on her mobile and knew it was for a short time.  She felt there was a lift in her voice, a lightness of expression.  We took this and ran with it.  When her intention was clear, she was able to think and therefore speak fluently without pausing to “judge” how she sounded.
From there we were able to build her vocal confidence with exercises to put the trampoline bounce that she liked – in her voice all the time.
One day Jenny Rigby didn’t show up for her appointment.  I thought it was unusual and then I just forgot about it.  A few months later I received a bunch of flowers from Jenny with an apology.  She had met someone at an event the evening of our last session and they had just clicked and it was love.   The event was a masked ball.