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Jimmy’s Hall

In the week of finishing reading On Canaan’s Side, I  saw Jimmy’s Hall.  The history of the island of Ireland resonates down into you and pulls at your heart.  The Pagan and the Catholic that became inter-twined after St Patrick and the political and religious hold the church had over the Irish people – was dark indeed.  Jimmy’s Hall shows how the church tried to stifle all thoughts apart from those they approved of and even the priests were under the yoke of Rome and its powerful doctrine.  Jimmy Gralton was the only man ever to be deported from Ireland.  Played by Barry Ward who glitters with the self-effacing charm and charisma of a man who knows his worth and knows his sacrifice.  His mother played by Eileen Henry is also a joy to watch – heart rending and true.  What a find she was for Ken Loach.  On Canaan’s Side will need such an actress – one where you can see her history in the light of her eyes.  You can see the interview with Ken Loach when you click on the picture below.

Jimmy's Hall
Jimmy’s Hall


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