Keeping the Neck Muscles Toned

Nick Grimshaw was talking about moisturising his neck on Radio 1s breakfast show.  He wanted a way to stop his neck getting flabby – you should worry Nick, 30 years old and talking all the time ( yes, talking keeps all your facial and neck muscles more toned).  He mentioned the lower jaw protrusion exercise, where you raise and lower  your bottom jaw to look like Wallace of Wallace and Gromit.  Fortunately Zane Lowe was on the phone and chipped in that overdoing this exercise will give your jaw a lot of tension – not lock jaw, but tight jaw, so probably best not to do it more than twice a week. The best exercises for neck muscles that I’ve found so far, are 2 that I learned in California.  You keep your shoulders open and relaxed lift your head until your face is looking at the sky/ceiling and kiss the air – make big smacking sounds.  Gently relax your chin on your chest afterwards to release any tension.  The other one begins in the same way – you raise you face to the ceiling, smile broadly, stick your tongue to the top of your mouth and swallow.  Do this a couple of times and then release by hanging your head over your chest.  If you still feel any tension then chew on a piece of invisible chewing gum.  Take care not to chew on your cheeks or your tongue…..

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn

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