Maya Jama

Like many good things, Maya Jama, DJ on  Radio One took time to grow on me.  Back in 2018, I thought we-ell & once I did change stations, but now I love her delivery, her humour, her choice of songs, her mares and her voice.  She mentioned once that when she woke up in the morning she had hardly any voice, a croak, but then it got better and better warming up and then it got to what we hear on the radio.  She said that sometimes people who heard her voice thought she was a man and there were women ringing into the show, who experienced the same and men ringing in who people thought were females, by the sound of their voice.  Doesn’t matter when you’re face to face.  Maya’s voice is husky and now her delivery’s right (how she does her phrasing and her choice of words) it sounds full of energy and like someone you’d want to have a laugh with.   Her voice is crinkly like a packet of crisps and very much of the moment.   So how do you know when a voice is telling you that it needs help?  With a voice that is hoarse, it’s when that voice can only do loud.  It means there’s something with the vocal folds that’s stopping them coming together completely unless you us a lot of pressure. There are choices of what you can do.  Voice exercises are essential to getting your voice back on track, whether or not you have surgery.  They also make you feel good, so there’s another benefit.

Maya Jama’s been getting into voice coaching & taking care of her voice – she’s sounding really good – and she’s landed her first acting role.  Congratulations and all the best Maya, great DJ and Presenter and now ….Actor.