Mental Health & The Desire to Achieve Perfect Balance

There is a word in Swedish – Lagom, which means something like – just right – in English.  Tim Bergling, the DJ Avicii was under a lot of stress to get it right.  So much success, so young and such high expectations of him.  A treadmill without much fun.
There are different ways that you can look after your mental health in stressful times.  Be open to irony.   An old poster on the underground at Mornington Crescent saying “Warning -The Light at the End of the Tunnel Has Gone Out” laughed me out of a dark moment.   Maintain your self-worth.   Boxers and athlete’s are told to keep something, no matter how small,  in reserve.  I ask clients who are crazy, busy – please never let your voice run on empty.   Kind words and phrases like “cheer up love it might never happen” are clichés but still supportive.  When you are submitted to times of extreme, ongoing stress, it can take hold of you and you don’t hear anything but the voices in your head and you don’t feel anything except the inability to cope.  You may try ways to alleviate the stress and it still won’t go away.  Suicide is the biggest cause of death of people under 35.  Everyday more young lives are lost to us.

Suicide is a taboo subject and seriously at-risk people find themselves isolated.   Young people who are at the most risk of suicide will often try to hide their needs and see suicide as the only self-empowering option left to them.  They have an outward appearance that is smart and happy looking, and they will joke with you.   When their voice sounds forced and jarred and they won’t get involved in conversation that involves anything apart from banter, stay with them.   Look out for your friends, make it easier for them to talk to you.  Most of us have been affected by suicide and yet it still isn’t spoken of in everyday terms.  You can’t stop something happening by ignoring it. The Tim Bergling Foundation is a mental health and suicide prevention charity set-up after his suicide.  As Avicii, the Swedish DJ, his music and persona were massive and influential, especially among young people.  His music is beautiful, his lyrics poetry.  In the end he gave it all and had nothing to sustain himself with.  Avicii’s album Tim has been released posthumously and the proceeds will go to this foundation. Click on the pic to listen to his music.

The agencies listed below work to help people move away from suicidal thoughts.

The Late Tim Bergling

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