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President Obama Meets Sir David Attenborough

Two great men with great voices to match met to talk about the natural world and how to preserve it – our world.  Surely with all the brain power available there must be a way to adapt the needs of the planet to source back the energy we use so that all life forms can survive?
These men have listening voices – their voices display that they listen.
Yes, there is a maze of other factors – from myriad sources concerning the day to day survival of us people, that have to be taken into account.  Have we lost our basic needs to the desires of a few? Are the Greeks at the forefront of our desire for change?
Two years ago  when Max Your Voice representatives went on to the streets of the City of London doing a survey of voices that people found the most distinctive, Barack Obama and David Attenborough were in the front runners as was Arnold Swarzenegger.   Ironic as Arnold Swarzenegger was told he would never become a leading actor because of his accent.
The dangers that we face are as ancient as those that we read about in Greek mythology,  but with the added knowledge that we are letting go of the wonders of the world – this is a different kind of danger that faces us.  No wonder that our children are fascinated by dynosaurs.

President Obama with Sir David Attenborough
President Obama with Sir David Attenborough




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