Speaking at A Distance, Lockdown and Beyond

People who’ve been on the Improve Your Voice course have an advantage when talking outdoors to someone 2 meters away.   They’ve learned the “beam/aim/focus your voice” technique.
The voice beam exercise is fun.  In a room full of people, you pair off and then move into lines about 6 metres apart, facing each other.   You then decide what it is you’re going to talk about.  The only rule is that it has to be in the past:  a film, a play, a journey, the night before et al.    After deciding who’s going to begin you all talk at the same time. No moving forward, no bending forward or texting. 
The room was always a cacophony of sound.    Going around the room checking out what it was like to be on the listening end, was….interesting.  It’s not easy to stop people chatting after this exercise so it’s best done before a break. People are far more interested in the content of what is said rather than how it is said.  Once the voice is warmed and opened up, it can focus on where it wants to go, wants to be heard.  It’s the same beam as a torchlight.  This gives confidence.  When you’ve done this exercise, you can be sure you’ll get last orders (Hah! Memories) or talk easily to friends and family while being two meters apart.

Speaking at a distance can change our relationships. Concentration is required and more alert listening

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