The Art of Public Speaking

A well written speech is essential, known well enough by the speaker to let the words spring into the mind as if freshly thought – using written notes or autocues only as structural/time support.
Humour – nothing smooths anxiety away and opens ears like a good joke, especially when the joke is on the speaker (in the UK – this isn’t true of all cultures).
The confidence of conviction. Believe in what you’re saying and trust that it can be heard easily and timed correctly to be well absorbed by your audience.
Sharing inspiration. Take your audience into the journey that has brought you to this moment. It could be anecdotes, it could be quotes from leaders who’ve inspired you.
Was Jeremy Corbyn’s speech successful at the Labour Party Conference? Yes. His speech had all of the above and he delivered it in a compassionate manner (voice). Those who know him well say he’s the genuine article – certainly there was no trace of the self satisfaction of someone who does good to satisfy their ego. 62,000 have joined the labour party since Jeremy Corbyn was elected – many of them have just reached voting age. Fierce arguments may lie ahead within the Labour party. However Jeremy Corbyn appears to know how to turn the academic into action. Most of all he says he will not be rude and seeks to bring human values into parliament. His voice stood up well for the most part, very occasionally he was caught between breath and voice (Diane Abbott’s habitual fish out of water way of speaking). He gave the impression of being a Headmaster – a headmaster who would listen to everyone who had a valid point but ultimately would make his own decisions.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party
Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party

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