The Election is Good For Politics

This election is good for politics.  For all this time we felt vaguely that things weren’t too bad at the government end of things. The government was being kept on a fairly central course by their alliance with the Lib Dems and by Ed Miliband’s perspicacity. And all along we’ve been wrong.  From underneath the PR skin, a veritable morass of dirty dealing, false promises and downright lies have surfaced and it’s not just inside the government, it’s inside all of the political parties. “George Osborne is a very dangerous man” says Nick Clegg in the latest issue of GQ. I’m sure he is but I’m also sure that given the same level of power you’d be just, if not more dangerous. David Cameron says of Ed Milliband “he’d stick a knife in your back”. Yes, and you his. Ed’s winning the election war because he’s being Mr Niceguy (and because he’s coming into his true strength). It’s unfortunate that he’s with Ed Balls who has a bulging brain but is disinclined to use it on matters of economy.  Nick Clegg is quintessential Mafia godfather material. Given time his voice will reflect this more and more. All the political parties have become reminiscent of Mafia “families”. This is much more interesting.  When are we going to get more women into politics to sort it out?   Below is a picture of the Home Secretary Theresa May, not the porn star Teresa May …………..
Theresa May

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