The Eloquence of the Deaf

This fascinating film by the documentary maker Laëtitia Moreau covers  a few days in the life of a young woman Virginie, who is deaf.

Although she cannot hear herself she speaks eloquently about her perception of life through images and vibrations

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Virginie’s observations of how talking people communicate is precise.  At meetings, lip reading and sensing what’s being said through the atmosphere,  can leave her exhausted.  Anyone who’s been in meetings when the main language spoken is not your mother tongue can empathise with that level of sensory concentration.   Virginie refreshes and relaxes through her senses of sight, smell, touch and taste.  All Too Human – a recent exhibition of paintings including  Rchard Sickert, Jenny Saville, David Bomberg, Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon, illustrated how the use of paint and the design of an image can say much more in less time than spoken words.   People have said to me lately – why it is that the world’s most successful leaders and successful speakers are often those who do the least good?   The answer is that you listen to them on one level and strong repetition has succeeded where reasoned and compassionate orators have failed.
It’s good for you to stop the talk every now and then (including AI voices and Game and Ad voices) and just listen in quiet.
Develop your other senses so that next time you listen to someone who wants to speak to you – you’ll give them and yourself the gift of listening in depth.