The Impassioned Speaker

An impassioned speech in Glasgow by Gordon Brown gave the No vote a boost the day before the referendum.  Although Glasgow still voted for independence – no surprise there, many re-thought the way they were going to vote.  As one voter said,
“He was a shite prime minister, but that was a pretty good speech.”
Listening to his voice:  full, rich and emotionally charged, you have to wonder if this is the voice of the only man who could gain independence for Scotland.  Now Salmond’s gone – there is a leadership hole – but even in politician’s terms this may one step too far in the power game.
Gordon Brown’s father was a Presbyterian Minister and he must have heard his father preach when he was a boy.  Certainly the fervour was present in this referendum speech.  Many great speakers and actors throughout our history have grown up listening to their father or a close relative speaking from a pulpit.  Fervour from the pulpit is now considered by many to be in bad taste and a cover for a lack of conviction –  fervour from leaders and motivational speakers is all the rage.

Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown

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