The Samuel Beckett Season at the Barbican

Hugo Weaving
Hugo Weaving

The Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Waiting For Godot  is one of the best I’ve seen.   Certainly the most moving.  The acting is superb and the whole production is a bonded work of art.

In Waiting For Godot, Samuel Beckett, as one of the greatest playwrights ever,  brings us closer to knowing and understanding why we don’t know and why we don’t understand the human condition.  Perhaps because the director Andrew Upton, doesn’t try to convey the suffering and cruelty, this production isn’t easy to watch.  The suffering emerges heedlessly from the action and the words.  There is great comfort in the humour and the compassion and the laughable effort to enforce or accept some kind of order of worthiness and to pass the time.  In the end out of all the greyness, you are left with the the knowledge that both Estragon and Vladimir have experienced happiness once more.
Lyn Gardner of the Telegraph  says the production lacks intimacy.  The intimacy is portrayed so we can stand outside of it – it’s a surreal play.
The voices are strong – if this were a realistic play the voices would reveal fear and weakness.  It’s a surreal play.  The play may be directed in a different way in a different theatre – even in a small venue you would still feel the aloneness of each of the characters.


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