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The Seagull at Regents Park Theatre

Chekov is notoriously difficult to pull off – especially in larger theatres, so when the reviews were so good for the Seagull at Regents Park Open Air Theatre – it was a treat to look forward to. On the last day of the run there was something not meshing between the actors as an ensemble. Some parts of the production worked beautifully – particularly when Ian Redford, the actor playing Peter Sorin was involved. The scene of Konstantin staging his play by the lake was magically directed by Matthew Dunster. Some parts came across as just that – parts taken from a whole. To give the actors their due – it was incredibly hot and perhaps playing outdoors during the changes in the weather, has not helped their health and strength. Certainly voices were strained especially Matthew Tennyson’s, who plays Konstantin. The set design by Jon Bausor was magnificent and with the mirror suspended above the stage it worked well with the lighting by Philip Gladwell, to harness the beauty of being outdoors in such a beautiful setting. A feast for the eyes.
The Seagull Regents Park

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