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Voice Care with British Voice Association

Breathe out completely through the mouth and breath in through   the nose for a count of three.  Breathe out again completely through the mouth on a count of five and in again through the nose for a count of three…..  Avoid the over rising of the chest and
Hum from low note to high note and back.
Exhale on “zzz” “vvv” “fff” “sss”
Takes sips of water throughout the day.
Eat mostly alkaline based food
Re-align your neck and back by standing up against a door or wall –
keep your chin down and your eye level straight ahead.
Breathe out completely by  flopping  over – with your pelvis
supported by a wall.
Sip warm water infused with two or three slices of raw ginger
Steam with hot water with sea salt added.
Suck a ricolo herbal lozenge.

If you have prolonged vocal problems go to the page below to find your nearest Voice Clinic

With Thanks to Phyllida Furse, Carol Fairlamb and Carrie Garrett

Frances Parkes at CIOL workshop
Frances Parkes at CIOL workshop
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