Voices are Designed to be Sexy

“The larynx is hormonal dependent and evolves with time and the sexual life of each individual.”  Jean Abitbol MD
If a woman has a smear test from her cervix and from her vocal folds, they will be almost identical because both the vocal folds and the cervix have oestrogen receptors.  Voices are designed to be sexy.  Females use the left and right parts of their brain at the same time, but men use only one side of their brain at a time.  Another reason why real men are feminists.  Most women, it seems, prefer sexy audio stories to porn.  A recent BBC study showed that 50 per cent of females felt that porn dehumanised women.  Voices change when you are aroused.  If you meet someone, in public and you find them very attractive, rather than stand there with your mouth open, you’re more inclined to laugh at something innocuous that someone says.  It’s no wonder then that Dipsea – the site that sells sexy audio stories in an app, is so appealing to women.  Eroticism and seduction together with a good story does wonders for your libido.  I also like what the Dipsea site says:
“Feeling turned on is more than a wind up to sex.  It’s a way to feel more alive, heighten intimacy, unlock confidence and cultivate your wellbeing.  Dipsea empowers you to tap into those feelings.”
Dipsea stories have different time frames and different moods.  You can choose from lesbian and heterosexual themed stories.  You can listen to three stories for free before you start to pay a subscription.  They have sourced some good voice over actors.  Alas, they won’t be able to afford Miriam Margolyes, who paid her bills when she was just starting out as an actor, by doing voice-overs for porn/sexy films.   I bet those would be fun to listen to.  Click on the photo for the link to Dipsea

Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan

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