Welcome to London President Xi Jinping

Walking down Pall Mall on Saturday night with a Chinese friend, it was exciting when the flags of China – strategically placed along the Mall came into view. President Xi Jinping was about to arrive and there is great excitement and pride among Chinese communities. There is no doubt that working with Chinese people is rewarding and I’ve been lucky. When being introduced to the culture, food and manners of China the mystery always remains. The hidden depths just glimpsed, the distance, even though it’s a hair’s breadth, always present. The privilege of coaching in voice, speech and presentation is grand. Whether a Chinese person wants to learn an English English accent or an American English accent, you can expect to have a lot of fun and to be tested on your own knowledge and abilities. The fun bit is important because this brings colour and increases the profile of the voice. Sometimes the spoken English of a person with Mandarin as a first language is grammatically and phonetically excellent but on one note only.
Derek Arden, a key coach for negotiation skills, has some good tips for those of who negotiate internationally. Our PM is being primed as I write. “Research the country, the customs, expectations, communication response, how to dress and how to address the people you meet. You have to get hierarchy (the status chain) and protocol right. Always show that you have connections with the country and that you are spreading economic benefit in the country as well.”
Most important?
A good interpreter.
Xi Jinping

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