When it Comes to Work, We take the Work

The Advertising Standards Authority has taken action against Innocent drinks, Oatly and Aqua Pura so far this year, for not being able to substantiate their claims and Greenwashing.   Did everyone get paid? Certainly, any work by actors and voiceovers would be if they were covered by an Equity contract and I would think everyone involved would be covered by a contract. I don’t know what happens about payment when a company has already booked screen time or booked space.
We all need to work and a big company name is always good for the money and can lead to more work.  Most companies with major product names are working hard to improve their productivity to comply with environmental issues but their main focus is on worldwide sales.  Is there ever going to be a time when we don’t take the work? I don’t mean because we get offered more money, but because it means working on something we don’t believe in.  You can guide your own career and in some respects this means you attract the work you want to do, but if you are focussed on big earnings, then you may find yourself working in a situation that benefits mainly the already very rich. However, if they pay out millions to charities then it’s easier to take. I have worked with a green bank and they pay their people very well and from what I could see, their investments were well researched.   What would you do at the moment, if your regular source of income comes from Russia? Spare a thought here for the many interpreters, movement teachers and project managers, whose regular source of income is Russia.

When it comes to work we take the work

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