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When to Use ‘ON’ and When to use ‘IN’

Frivolity is for the summer and before the winter of our discontent it’s time to sort out the ins from the ons….
Taken from Rose Wild Feedback @TIMESFEEDBACK
“Have you noticed the increasing prevalence of the preposition ‘on’?” asks Cyril Pavey from Camberley, Surrey.  I’m not sure I had, to be honest, but Mr Pavey has been collecting preposition offences.
“A leading article has redevelopment ‘on’ the Strand” instead of ‘in’.  ‘In the weekend’ is ousting ‘at’.  We no longer play in the front row, or sit in the third row of the stalls: it’s ‘on’.  Will you not export this unwelcome innovation back across the Atlantic whence presumably, it came?”  I’m always doubtful of the practicality of returning Americanisms to their source, but I wouldn’t mind repatriating “on the week” for a start.
Rose Wild



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