Women Speaking Out on Harvey Weinstein

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein exposure as a sexual predator abusing his power as a film producer, there have been a lot of women, including Emma Thompson saying that men should stop using women as sexual objects.  This is and always has been true of course, but a lot of my male friends are upset that they are now being viewed as predators rather than just being genuinely interested in people.
I would say that, at a guess, actors now coming into the business have an 85%+ chance of not encountering sexual abuse.  This is mainly because of th action of other women in the business.  Angelina Jolie said that when she was first starting out Harvey Weinstein tried to seduce her in a hotel room and she walked out.  She said she warned other women about Harvey Weinstein.  Other actresses have had similar experiences – including me and been warned of the danger by other women.  As Madeleine Albright said – there is a special place in hell for women who pull up the drawbridge after them – and this includes – as we’re now experiencing, women who have kept this secret and allowed a sexual predator to continue to abuse and debase women.

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