Spent an evening listening to some very good writing, read by very good actors.  WordTheatre put on an event at the Dover Street Arts Club this week:   Love, Lust and Everything In-between.   I arrived in time to hear the latter half of a short story by Rose Tremain  – Brigitte Jones diary style – read so avidly by Gemma Chan – that a group of us huddled together on bendy knees or tiptoes so that we could all peep around the corner into the tiny theatre without missing the rest of the mesmerising story.   I’d love to read or hear the follow-up, if there is one.   More was to come:  Starry, Starry Night by Siv Cedering movingly and passionately read by Maryam D’Abo, told of a heart blistering break-up and the attempt to absorb it and make it bearable.  Hatty Preston won us over with a heart warming father/daughter story by Carys Davies and Brenda Strong was jaw dropping in her reading/performance of The Other Woman by Mary Morgan – at times the audience held its breath as one, waiting ….
This was sight-reading at its best – a wonderful evening’s entertainment.  There’ll be more of these evenings later in the year at the St James’ Theatre in Victoria.  You can click through to the WordTheatre site below, by clicking on the photo of Cedering Fox. WordTheatre is a non-profit organisation that was started by the gifted voice-over artist Cedering Fox in America in 2003.  At the moment WordTheatre are working on raising money to take WordTheatre into schools.

Cedering Fox

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